libak  0.4.0
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
akBufferText buffer
akCharInitializerCharacter model initializer
akClassHypClassification hypothesis
akCModelCharacter models
akCModelTransHMM transitions
akCModelTransListEdgeTransitions in type LIST
akCModelTransListStateOutgoing transitions for type LIST
akCSeqCharacter sequence
akDictDictionary of tokens
akFeaFeature vectors
akFileListList of file names
akLexiconLexicon model
akLMLanguage model
akMLLRrcUsed to assign states to regression classes
akProbPairA pair of log-probabilities
akRecStatsRecognition statistics
akRecWordRecognized word
akSeqsCharacter sequence manager
akTarTar files
akUniCharInitializerUsed in 'ak_init_uniform_char'
akWGEdgeWord graph edge
akWGListList node
akWGSegmentWord graph segment
akWGStateWord graph state
akWordGraphWord graph
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