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Uniform initialization of character models

Data Structures

struct  akUniCharInitializer
 Used in 'ak_init_uniform_char'. More...


#define ak_uni_char_initializer_free(UCI)   (UCI)->meths->free ( UCI )
 Frees memory.


akUniCharInitializer * ak_uni_char_initializer_new (const akCModel *cmodel, char **err)
 Gets an akUniCharInitializer.
void ak_init_uniform_char (akUniCharInitializer *uci, akCMiCounts *counts, const int c)
 Initializes uniformly a character model.

Define Documentation

#define ak_uni_char_initializer_free (   UCI)    (UCI)->meths->free ( UCI )

Frees memory.

Frees the memory allocated for the uniform character initializer.

UCIThe uniform character initializer.

Function Documentation

void ak_init_uniform_char ( akUniCharInitializer *  uci,
akCMiCounts counts,
const int  c 

Initializes uniformly a character model.

This function initializes the counts of the specified character in order to obtain a uniformly distributed model.

uciThe uniform character initializer.
countsInteger counts related to cmodel.
cThe index of the character to be initialized.
akUniCharInitializer* ak_uni_char_initializer_new ( const akCModel cmodel,
char **  err 

Gets an akUniCharInitializer.

This function creates auxiliary data used to uniformly initialize character models. Currently supported types are: Bernoulli and DGaussian.

cmodelThe character models.
errPointer to string variable. If not NULL an error message is allocated in the variable in case of error.
Uniform character initializer data or NULL in case of error.
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